Benefits to Hiring a Houston or Dallas Attorney in Traffic Court

What are the Benefits to Hiring a Houston or Dallas Attorney in Traffic Court? After getting over the initial inconvenience (and perhaps injustice) of being pulled over and given a traffic citation, you then have to decide how you are going to handle your ticket. For those who do not have the time to go to court or research Texas traffic law, it is an easy choice: hand the ticket over to an attorney who specializes in violations in traffic court. Others, however, may feel that they can handle the traffic citation on their own. Besides, they may wonder, it’s only a minor traffic offense. How difficult and complicated could it be? If your only concern is taking care of the ticket, then you can hand over your hard-earned money to the cities of Houston and Dallas. They will be happy to take your money from you any day of the week. You can mail in a payment and the ticket will be resolved with points going against your driving record. However, if you are not eager to give up your money to the city, care about your driving record, and want to get the best deal possible, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a Sullo and Sullo attorney to handle your traffic ticket. 1. Your attorney keeps you informed. One of the biggest benefits of having a Sullo and Sullo attorney with you in traffic court is that your attorney will keep you informed. For the ordinary law abiding/breaking citizen, traffic court often appears to be a mysterious milieu: attorneys are walking around the courtroom talking to different players; various defendants are approaching the bench at different times to speak to the judge; police officers are walking in and out of the courtroom signing mysterious sheets of paper; and bailiffs are yelling at everyone to lower their voices and follow courtroom rules. With an attorney by your side, you can remain confident that you know the rules of the court, how your case is being handled, and how the day will unravel. You will look around and see many frustrated faces, and some dazed and confused faces. But you can sit back and relax, knowing that your attorney has just informed you of all the ins and outs of courtroom procedure and protocol. 2. Your attorney knows what gets a traffic case dismissed in court. Many people have the misperception that traffic cases are only dismissed when an officer does not show up to court. However, there are many different angles through which a traffic case can be dismissed pre-trial. When you hire Sullo and Sullo to handle your case, you can be confident knowing that your attorney has exhausted every possible means of dismissal. From finding legal and factual mistakes on the drafted complaint to talking to the prosecutor and officer about any possible mitigating factors, your attorney will work every angle of the case with the goal of pre-trial dismissal. 3. Your attorney knows the rules of evidence and traffic laws. If your case does end up going to trial, you will be heavily disadvantaged if you do not have an attorney advocating on your behalf. Probably one of the most important reasons to have an attorney with you in traffic court is the attorney’s knowledge of the rules of evidence and the convoluted traffic laws of the state of Texas. While this knowledge is helpful in pre-trial matters, it is critical during the trial stage. Even the most highly-educated, well-meaning defendants fail miserably when going up against a seasoned attorney in trial. Pro se defendants often do not know how to conduct an efficient voir dire, when and how to deliver certain portions of their case at large, and how to conduct a debilitating cross examination. Also, many defendants arrive to court very well prepared armed with graphs, pictures and other evidence. They are often perplexed and stunned when the judge prevents them from showing any of the evidence to the jury because none of the items have been properly introduced in accordance with the rules of evidence. Don’t let yourself become one of these unfortunate people who are left wondering, “Why didn’t I just hire an attorney?” You wouldn’t operate on yourself if you discovered you needed gastric bypass surgery. Instead, you would seek the services of a skilled professional in that area. So, without the legal background and education of an attorney, why would you litigate a case on your own? 4. Your attorney knows the court system. Every Sullo attorney knows the game and how it’s played in traffic court. Our attorneys who specialize in traffic tickets are in the traffic trenches every day of the week. They are a part of the everyday routine and see the inner workings of the court system. Your attorney will know which prosecutors are the best to work deals with and which prosecutors are the best to try cases against. Your attorney will also know the nuances of each judge and tailor his/her trial tactics accordingly. Do not underestimate the value of your attorney’s everyday interaction with and exposure to all the courtroom players. Your attorney will take this vault of information and guide you through the strategy for your specific case. You will quickly know what will get you in trouble with the bailiffs in certain courts, and what you should say and what you should not say.

How Helpful to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Within states of many countries, to be in highest enforcement, you should understand that to have one ticket attorney lawyer for defending you against you DUI, Traffic Violation Codes, Suspended Driver License, or any other issue related to driving is one combination of some dissimilar factors. Every quote and case is different, and one well verse attorney is all you need to increase winning chances of your case. It will also be helpful to save a lot of money of yours in employment loss and possible insurance increases, in case if you earn yours living by driving. It is significant to note a point that generally there are 2 types of violations regarding traffic. Some are breaches like U turn, speeding, left turn, which you call fundamental traffic offences. In these cases, one guilty plea will cause to accrue only one point on DMV record of yours. Other more grave violations people know about are misdemeanor violations such as DWI or DUI offense, Log Book, claims for Reckless Driving, Speed Exhibition. These violations bear excessive fines, possible jail probation and time, which affects both driving record of yours by adding two points and affecting criminal record also. These violations can even cause losing your driving privileges or employment issues. With a massive shortfall and layoff of ticket attorney lawyer in traffic courts, motor vehicle department and call centers, it is now difficult for average people to not just get significant information but to defend a court case against them regarding these violations. With understaffing of staff at these courts lies inability of staff taking time to advise and assist you regarding their procedures and rules. Hence, it causes further delays adding to their fees. You should hire one State Bar Licensed Attorney to ensure you have best defense and now you will be able to understand all laws and rules better and everything will take place in one timely manner. In few cases, a court in which your traffic violation is allocate to can be far from a place where you are living, working, or you can be out for some reason from your town or you are not able to take a leave for a day from your work for attending court. It is for these reasons to hire one traffic attorney in whichever country you live will not just save your frustration and time but in end will save your money. It will be possible because by retaining an attorney you will not have to write, call or show up towards court. Ticket attorney lawyer is a requirement that you should have. Normally fines on one standard type of traffic violation in some countries averages currently about 400 dollars. It is 30% increase, which will affect insurance of yours over coming 3 years. It is a time for, which point stay on DMV record of yours. Keep this in mind; traffic ticket in many countries is accumulative. It means that more number of tickets you receive higher penalties and fines will go. There is one rule that you can have only 4 points in a year, 6 in two years or 8 in three years before suspension of your driving freedom.

What’s in Louisiana’s new abortion laws

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday signed two bills into law that may reduce the number of abortions performed in Louisiana. As a change in tactics, the laws target physicians and places where abortions are performed, rather than directly addressing women seeking abortions.

Under legislation sponsored by State Rep. Katrina Jackson, a doctor performing an abortion must have admitting priveleges at a hospital located within 30 miles of where the abortion is performed.

The new law also requires doctors performing more than five abortions per year to be properly licensed by the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

The law also mandates that facilities where abortions are performed must be held to the same safety standards as other outpatient surgical facilities.

The law places abortion on par with other medical procedures, according to Jindal and Jackson.

Physician groups argued that abortions are so safe that no admitting priveleges should be required by law.

Louisiana already prohibited schools from promotion abortion.

Under a new law signed Thursday, organizations and individuals would be prohibited from providing instruction or instructional materials to any school supported by taxes.

The legislation was sponsored by state Rep. Frank Hoffmann, who said that abortion providers have a conflict of interest in providing information that promotes a procedure they practice.

Known for his strong stance against abortion, Jindal advocated passage of the two bills as part of his formal legislative agenda.

The governor claims to have signed more than a dozen pro-life bills since taking office.

Jindal, in expressing opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act, said Louisiana would opt out of abortion funding under the law’s provisions.

The governor was thought to be a leading candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, but he has paid closer attention to home in recent months after polls suggested they were not entirely happy with his performance in office.

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New study reveals partisanship has now reached record highs

Earlier this month, Democratic strategist Paul Begala took a swipe at the GOP, cracking that “if Barack Obama cured cancer, the Republicans would attack him for putting oncologists out of work.” Begala couldn’t have chosen a worse analogy for a president whose signature legislative achievement has increased the cost of care while narrowing the treatment options for the nation’s 14.5 million cancer patients. But therein lies the problem.

Much as liberals might complain that conservatives won’t cut Obama break, the left is in denial over his many failings. Not the least of these is the president’s frequent sarcasm, which may delight his base but has all the charm to non-believers of fingernails on a chalkboard. One thing the two sides should be able to agree on is that Obama has failed over the past five and a half years to “turn the page on the ugly partisanship in Washington,” as he vowed to do during the 2008 campaign.

Now a study has been released by the Pew Research Center that suggests the political deadlock is not just about Washington. In its summary of the findings, the Fiscal Times writes:

It reflects the sharpest ideological divide within the American public perhaps at any time in recent history. Democrats and Republicans are more deeply divided along ideological lines – and partisan rage and antipathy runs much higher than at any time in the past two decades. (See graph.)

The study notes that “the overall share of Americans who express consistently conservative or consistently liberal opinions has doubled over the past two decades from 10 percent to 21 percent. And ideological thinking is now much more closely aligned with partisanship than in the past. As a result, ideological overlap between the two parties has diminished.”

The Fiscal Times further notes:

This profound shift reflects movement on both sides of the political divide, with more Republicans shifting farther to the right and more Democrats embracing far more liberal views. At the same time, partisan animosity has mushroomed to the point where partisans genuinely believe the opposing party’s policies “are so misguided that they threaten the nation’s well-being.” (See graph.)

Iraq Falling To Islamic Rebels

Militants inspired by Al-Qaeda have been on the war path the last week in Iraq. They first took Mosel and lately they have taken Tikrit. The funny part of all this is Iraqi Security forces are simply taking off their clothes and running away rather than to fight. The rebels have taken control of Iraq’s Sunni heartland quite easily.

Prime Minister Maliki who has been struggling just to keep power will probably not be able to stop the rebels as they are now heading toward Baghdad. Maliki has already been in touch with President Obama asking for air strikes against the rebel positions. So far no word from the White House about whether they will even lift a hand to help. If you remember we were told by Maliki himself that his forces could control anything that came their way. Those same forces are simply taking off their uniforms and walking away.

The rebels did take over the Turkish consulate in Mosul and are holding some 48 diplomats and office staff. So far Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey is holding meetings and discussing strategy concerning the situation.

The Islamic rebels are simply doing what they do best either you go over to their ways or else. Islam is on the move in the Middle East and Africa. They are making a concerted push all over the region to gain control. The problem that will be coming is once they gain control can they for one, keep it or two can they become a true nation.

The Untied States is probably not wanting to send any troops but may consider an air strike but after the way the Iraq told the United States as well as coalition troops that they weren’t needed any more may make some countries hesitant to become involved in Iraqi conflicts.

If the outside world waits much longer the rebels will be in Baghdad and there won’t be any reason to get involved anymore Iraq, Good Luck.

Former prosecutor lays out case for Obama’s impeachment in new book

While appearing on “The Glenn Beck Program” Thursday, author and former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy told guest host Stu Burguiere how and why Barack Obama should be impeached, The Blaze reported.

“The fact that we have many high crimes and misdemeanors over five and a half years is pretty straightforward,” he said. “You have failures to enforce the law, failures to execute the laws faithfully, massive fraud, abuse of process, the list goes on.”

The legal case can be easily made, he said, but getting two-thirds of the Senate to remove him from office is much more difficult.

“You can have a thousand provable, impeachable offenses, but if there’s not a strong public will that the president needs to be removed from power, it becomes a nonstarter,” he added.

McCarthy laid out his case in a new book entitled, “Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment.” The problem, he told Burguiere, is that the administration can continue acting in a “lawless” manner even though the book is finished.

“The problem with writing a book about lawlessness in the Obama administration is that the writer has to stop writing at some point, whereas the administration keeps rolling along,” he explained. “It was almost inevitable, given the pace that they’re at, that there would be some instance of lawlessness that wouldn’t be covered in the book.”

One recent example, he added, is Obama’s release of five top Taliban commanders — two of whom are wanted by the U.N. for war crimes — in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who spent five years with the Taliban after leaving his post in Afghanistan.

“You have him, the commander in chief … returning to the enemy in wartime — while the enemy is still shooting at our men and women in the field and trying to blow them up — five of their most experienced, most capable, most implacably anti-American commanders,” he said. “It’s about as shocking a dereliction of duty you can get, short of not at all coming to the rescue of people in Benghazi when he knew they were under terrorist siege.”

The American people, he added, have to begin making the case on Obama’s “lawlessness, why it’s important, why it threatens our liberties, and the fact that the Constitution only has a couple of ways to really deal with [it]: the power of the purse and impeachment.”

McCarthy is not the first to suggest Obama’s impeachment — only the latest.

In January, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, said he was considering articles of impeachment against Obama for promising to overstep his Constitutional authority in his most recent State of the Union speech, accusing the president of wanting to “eliminate our constitutional republic.”

“Obama defiantly vowed not only to radically expand the reach of government from cradle to grave, but to smash the Constitution’s restrictions on government power while doing it,” he said.

During the 2014 State of the Union speech, Obama said he would use his executive power to bypass Congress “wherever and whenever” he can. He has made that threat in many speeches since, telling the country he would use his pen and his phone to unilaterally advance his agenda.

A month later, Judge Andrew Napolitano said impeachment is the only way to stop the president’s executive actions.

“The president is doing the opposite of what he was elected to do,” Napolitano said. “At some point he is totally frustrating what Congress has written.”

Although a number of Republicans and at least one Democrat have called for impeachment, Napolitano said that as a whole, neither Congress nor the American people have the stomach to see it through. Another problem is the current makeup of the Senate. Even if Obama were impeached by the House, a Senate controlled by Harry Reid’s Democrats would never vote to convict or remove him from office.

McCarthy said that if Congress won’t use the power of the purse, impeachment “is what we’re down to.”

Another Chicago blogging mom wants to ‘intimidate’ Congress into gun bans

Yesterday, we examined the “Old Single Mom” blog’s demand for a reason to not ban so-called “assault weapons.” What’s more, we were told not to bring up the Second Amendment, and its Constitutional guarantee of our fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, because she “so got it” that there is such a right (she clearly doesn’t “got it”), and she wants to “push past” that debate. A pretty handy way of dismissing a fundamental human right–just say you “got it,” so let’s not talk about it.

Today, it’s the “High Gloss and Sauce” blog, by another Chicago mom, Jenna Karvunidis. In her “Dear Congress: My kids should feel safe in school,” she refers to Obama’s “frustrated” lament that Congress is afraid of the NRA:

President Obama said yesterday that gun control is in the hands of the public. We need grass roots noise to support anything getting done because Congress is too afraid of upsetting the NRA to enact gun control measures. . . . Yet, school shootings happen at the rate of once per month and Congress is stubborn about gun control measures. Our kids are terrorized in school because Congress is cowering to an armed, vocal minority.

Why is our children’s safety being held hostage by the NRA?

She takes a different approach from the “Old Single Mom” in dismissing the Second Amendment as a reason to not ban semi-automatic firearms (not just “assault weapons,” mind you–all semi-automatics), saying, basically that the U.S. government is too heavily armed to be defeated by private citizens with our private arms:

The government has nukes and tanks and foreign connections. No little neighborhood gang is going to win that fight.

Ah, yes–we cannot effectively resist a government gone tyrannical, because if we do, it–the government that she evidently believes deserves her loyalty and ours–will unleash a nuclear holocaust on its own people. Actually, we have talked about Karvunidis before, where she also invoked the forcible citizen disarmament fanatics’ “nuclear option.” Now, though, she has added the new wrinkle of the government’s “foreign connections.” I suppose that when one already accepts the idea of the government nuking the people, the notion of them bringing in foreign troops to aid in the oppression is pretty small potatoes.

Extrapolating from her own cowardice, Karvunidis goes on to say that, “Besides, Americans have been too scared to fight our government anyway.”

One disturbing look into her mindset can be found in comments. Reader Frank Clarke pointed out the evil insanity of imposing more restrictions on decent people, in a futile effort to control the behavior of evil people. Her response?

I don’t believe people are either good or evil, so that’s not going to work. Everyone thinks they’re the good guy. What we have is a population with an increasing violence problem that allows a weapon no one needs.

In other words, murderers don’t murder because they’re evil, and the rest of us don’t refrain from doing so because we’re good–guns apparently just make people do evil things (except for the unacknowledged scores of millions of gun owners who don’t commit evil).

Now, it’s time for her “challenge” to Congress:

This is my citizen militia. I don’t need guns, I have my words and my militia is everyone who is liking and commenting on this post. We’re here. Congress, don’t be intimidated by gun rights groups, be intimidated by moms like me who are mad as hell that school isn’t a safe place to send my child anymore.

So she claims to have formed an unarmed “militia,” and Congress should fear it, and not those of us who will fight and die for our freedom. Good luck with that.

And Congress, when deciding which “militia” should “intimidate” you more, remember the words of the late Andrew Breitbart: “we have the guns.”

Thousands need food after floods in Afghanistan

Flash floods in Afghanistan have displaced thousands of people who need food aid. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said yesterday it has distributed emergency rations to 1600 victims in Baghlan Province. Other areas have been impacted by floods as well.

Claude Jibidar, WFP Afghanistan country director, says, “The past six weeks have seen repeated floods and landslides in many parts of Afghanistan, and WFP has systematically contributed to the emergency response. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected. WFP stands with the people of Afghanistan and is committed to continue providing humanitarian assistance in times of need.”

High energy biscuits are being distributed as the first phase of relief. This food is very easy to transport and provides quick nutrition without cooking or special storage. A donation from Switzerland allowed for the biscuits to be produced locally in Afghanistan.

As soon as the roads can be reopened, additional foods such as wheat and pulses will be delivered. WFP officers are currently using helicopter to reach the distressed areas.

Wahidullah Amani of WFP Afghanistan reports, “Roads to the area are still blocked and the government is working to re-open them. As soon as the roads are open, we will deliver food to all affected families. It may take a few more days to open the roads.”

WFP, which relies on voluntary donations, is helping Afghanistan fight hunger after years of conflict and extreme poverty. Natural disasters, such as flooding and drought, have added to the crisis. Some families have lost everything they own and need aid from WFP and other organizations to survive.

School feeding and Food for Work to rehabilitate agriculture are among other projects WFP is working on to help Afghans overcome hunger and poverty.

Iraqis displaced by Mosul violence suffering from hunger

An extremist army has attacked and taken over the Iraqi city of Mosul, forcing thousands of civilians to flee. The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL) has links to the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is providing aid to 42,000 displaced persons. WFP will be scaling up this response too. Thousands have fled from Mosul to Erbil, which is located in the northern Kurdistan region of Iraq. These war victims are suffering from hunger as food supplies are low.

UNICEF is also reporting that children are lacking other critical life-saving supplies. Hospitals and other basic services are shut down because of the fighting. Marzio Babille, UNICEF Representative in Iraq, says, “The situation is dire and is worsening by the moment. We have to reach children with safe water, shelter, food, and protection – they cannot wait.”

The situation is likely to get worse as violence continues. White House spokeperson Josh Earnest states,

The United States is deeply concerned about the continued aggression of ISIL in Iraq. In addition to the violence in Mosul, we’ve seen the reports and are closely following the ongoing attacks and violence in the Baiji and Tikrit areas, and other parts of northern Iraq. The deterioration in security is rapidly becoming a humanitarian issue and requires a coordinated response by Iraqi leaders from across the country to halt the advances ISIL has made and regain control of territory currently in ISIL’s hands.”

WFP is airlifting 550 metric tons of food as part of its initial response to the Mosul emergency. The UN food agency is already providing aid to 240,000 people displaced by conflict in Iraq’s al-Anbar region. In addition, Syrians continue to flee the civil war in their country, with Iraq one of the places of refuge. WFP has been feeding over 100,000 Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq.

WFP relies on voluntary funding and is confronting a fast-growing humanitarian emergency in the Middle East. Jane Pearce, the WFP country director warns, “The crisis in Iraq is escalating quickly. In some areas on the borders between Iraq and Kurdistan where newly displaced people are arriving, there are reports of unavailability of food in the shops. Meeting the food needs of the most vulnerable groups is a crucial step for WFP’s mission in the country.”

War inevitably causes hunger and the great fear now is that malnutrition, especially among children, will escalate inside Iraq. With famine threatening Syria, South Sudan and Central African Republic, aid groups are stretched thin in resources.

Illegal alien killed 5-year-old boy in Kentucky

On June 4, Alfonso Diaz-Diaz, 26, entered an Alford plea for DUI, murder and several other charges in Woodford County Circuit Court. An Alford plea is a guilty plea, whereby the defendant does not actually have to admit they have committed the crime, but agrees that the evidence against them is enough to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

On April 21, 2013, Diaz-Diaz was driving drunk, in the wrong direction on U.S. 60 through the town of Versailles, when he crashed his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta into a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Rocky Cohorn of Lexington, according to court documents. Cohorn along with his wife, 23-year-old Wendy were injured in the crash and transported to the University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment.

Also injured in the crash were their children, 3-year-old Katlyn Cohorn and 4-1/2-month-old Landon Cohorn. They were both taken to Frankfort Regional Hospital.

Unfortunately, their 5-year-old son, Blake died at the scene from the massive injuries he received during the collision. The family was returning from a weekend trip to Indiana.

Blake attended kindergarten at Harrison Elementary School in Lexington.

Recently, a candlelight vigil was held for Blake on the one-year anniversary of his death. The somber occasion was attended by many of the little boy’s friends who said prayers and wrote messages on balloons.

Blake’s dad, Rocky remembered his son, saying: “He just loved the moon. Ever since he was really little, he loved the moon. He’d always be looking up,” WKYT reported.

The full list of original charges against Diaz-Diaz follows:

One count of second-degree manslaughter, five counts of first-degree assault, one count of first-degree wanton endangerment, one count of driving under the influence of alcohol with aggravating circumstances, and one count of driving without a license.

View this suspect’s booking info…

Diaz-Diaz will be sentenced on August 6. He is expected to receive 25 years in prison, and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years.

Blake’s mom, Wendy, recently shared her reaction the punishment the illegal alien will receive for killing her son. She told WKYT:

There’s nights I wake up having panic attacks because I dream about him…25 years does not bring back my son’s life. In 25 years he’s still going to be able to go back to Mexico and see his family. I’ll never see my son again until the day I go to heaven.”

Disturbingly, Wendy said: “The last time I was in court in front of him (Diaz-Diaz), he stood in my face and he smiled.”